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5 May 1982
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i’m just a regular guy, with an irregular life. i like it that way. i crave all things unusual. i write, i laugh, i sing in the shower, i drive just to drive, i drink vanilla lattes, i avoid doctors, i avoid growing up, i am in my late twenties, i prefer few close friends over many distant acquaintances, i am a student of life; as well as school, i have a fascination with books, any kind. i like ink, correction, i love ink. i love the pain the ink gives me. i am a slave to corporate america, i break rules whenever possible, i pretend to know what i’m doing in making a website (www.transtobey.com), i prefer a family bar-be-que over bar-hopping, i avoid violence at all costs, i hate the small finger holes on the bowling alley house balls, i miss freshman year of high school, i miss my mom, i miss workin’ for extra money; not bills, i welcome new people, open-mindedness, i wish i were more of an activist as i am, i like the small town life i have right now, i wish the drive to a city weren’t so long, i have not found an organization system that works for me, i sleep with boys and girls, biweekly i jab myself to make the world see me as me, i want to be a father, i want to be a husband, i want to laugh at my dad when he is a grandfather, i want to have season tickets to the local Triple AAA baseball team, i own way too many pairs of shoes and underwear, i cry more than most men, i like it that way, i despise conformity, i have two dogs and a cat, i live for me, i can wear sweat pants or a suit, i love orange juice, i love my family; even if they are stubborn, i want to see all 50 states, i like breakin’ stereotypes. the beach calls to me, the sand, the water, the sun. i love the taste of salt water, i love the smell. i belong there and someday, i will.